The Javafxdoc Plugin generates javafxdocs using the Javafxdoc tool. The following examples describe the basic usage of the Plugin.

Generate Javafxdocs As Part Of Project Reports

To generate javafxdocs as part of the site generation, you must configure the following in the <reporting> section of your pom:


When you execute mvn site, the javafxdocs will be generated and included in the generated site. A link to the javafxdocs will be added in the Project Reports menu.

Generate Standalone Javafxdocs

To generate standalone javafxdocs for the project, you can execute the following command:

mvn javafxdoc:javafxdoc


mvn javafxdoc:jar

For mvn javafxdoc:jar, the javafxdocs are first generated and then packaged into a jar file.

Javafxdoc Configuration

The Javafxdoc Plugin supports a large number of configuration parameters. Each configuration parameter turns into a tag name.

Please see the Javafxdoc Package Summary for a listing of these parameters. Most of these parameters are passed directly to the Javafxdoc tool itself.