Javafxdoc Tags

The following tags are recognized by the standard doclet, though they may or my not be transformed with the standard XSL document.

Current Tags

Adds advanced to the CSS class for the dt and dd elements describing a method. For example, if a class has the profile desktop, the HTML generated to document the method may look like this:
<dt class="method profile-desktop ">

By adding the @advanced tag, the output would look like this:

<dt class="method advancedprofile-desktop ">
@author name-text
Free-form text describing the author. Not used in the standard XSL file.
@defaultvalue default-text
Places default-text into the Default Value column in the "Variable Summary".
@deprecated deprecated-text
Free-form text describing an API element that should no longer be used. Not used in the standard XSL file.
Formats and does some basic highlighting on the following code, and attempts to compile and show the results in the documentation.
Copies documentation from the "nearest" class in the inheritance tree. Only the text of the documentation comment is copied. Additional tags such as @param must still be specified.
{@link} package.class#member label
Inserts an inline link with visible text label.
Adds the text "This comment needs review." to the generated documentation.
@param parameter-name description
Adds a parameter with the specified parameter-name followed by the description to the "Parameters" section.
@profile common | desktop | mobile
Notes the JavaFX profile under which the API element should be used.
@return description
Adds the description text to the "Returns" section.
@since since-text
Adds a "Since" heading with the specified since-text to the generated documentation.
@see reference
Adds a "See Also" heading with a link or text entry that points to reference. Reference should take the format of package.class#member label.
@throws class-name description
Adds a "Throws" subheading to the generated documentation, with the class-name and description text.
For a field, documentation will not be generated, regardless of the visibility level given to javafxdoc. For a class, the documentation will not be linked into the index pages. A class marked with this tag will still have a documentation file generated.
@version version-text
Adds a "Version" subheading with the specified version-text to the generated docs. Not used in the standard XSL file.

Where Tags Can Be Used

Package Documentation Tags

None of the tags listed appear to work in the package-info.fx file. The @see tag, however, will generate it's text into the package comments, though without the benefit of providing any links.

Class Documentation Tags

These tags can appear in the documentation for a class:

Method Documentation Tags

These tags can appear in the documentation for a method:

Field Documentation Tags

These tags can appear in the documentation for a field. Note that they will only be shown if there are multiple sentences describing the field.